SIRI: What is the bird

What is the bird

What is the bird

Has only two

Thirds of the left

Foot claw whatever

You may call how

Come he likes to

Walk so much how

Come he doesn’t

Fly the time if

This bird has only

Two Thursa for

Paul or call whenever

You call when you

Seberg how come

He sits in the

Tree so happy

How come you doesn’t

Five all the time

How come he doesn’t

Care she Jarrand

Size some more it

Will give him more

Rest when he initially

Suggests than it

Originally suggests

Was only two

Thirds of o’clock

This bird or Paul

Is better on

524 seven

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SIRI: Muse groupie

Muse groupie

Everything clear backstage

The music surrounds the music

That sounds as we listen to

These old action movie heroes

The drugs they took the girls bishop

Pregnancy they gathered all around

The groupies and the backstage gather

Around sceneries of metal poles

Black leather straps and sunglasses

That were Warren too many times

What does a bishop have to do

With this abortion is not a matter

Pro life promath her procreation

We keep on creating creatures

Of the devilish music this soundwaves

Inspire us to aim at making music

The groupies inspire us to aim at

Making groupies the drugs Rosetree

The music rules this is too much

In my head potato sacks sexy bombshells

Wearing blue tops bread tops pandemic

Got that pandemic

Apocalypse now apocalypse

Now we rocked the stage we

We rocked the stage we

Rocked the stage we

We rocked the stage

Ones I saying of blue eyes in the mood

Today I seen of decay on the stage

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SIRI: Shoulders


Standing shoulder to shoulder

In the bouldering subway the

Metal is electric and so are

The fibers on our shoulders

Most of the sweaty but you

And I just clamping together

None of us asked for this

Bodies just attract me don’t

Resist we don’t move away

There is lots of room left and

Right but we hold tight ibex

Betty touching but every

Boulder makes a shockwave

Every second I don’t touch

You I clash with you in a

Romantic Sunday I don’t

Know you you don’t know

Me you will get off at the

Next stop you’ll forget about

The sweat around you be I

Was just happy

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beer boat man

this here is a beer boat man

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