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SIRI: Sense sirindipity

Do this cuckoo this is what I

Raby why I say read between

The letters it’s actually

Between the words but maybe sometimes

Hear their words are spelled in a way

That you haven’t seen before this

Is the Siri sections I’m talking poetry

To a machine this is what it

Makes of this jungle fever just

Dancing around the political

Machine the bureaucrats yesterday

This is all practice this is some

Serious business bombs are being

Planted the flowers and gunpowder

Be compared to two before and

Come to a sore conclusion

You cannot fight tears with either

One of them packs of cigarettes

Replace coffee replace to replace

Or replace love the cycle and

See you after second give coming

To get them known perfect I’ll see

You when I dream and dream a dream

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SIRI: Sorry wicked witch

Sorry of that wicked witch

It cannot be told until

The story of the shoe is unfolded

To the fan the tornado

Blast if it gets about its wicked past

You see the dogs and hogs

That were out for truffles

Now creeping back

To the earth of those in control

Of magic mysticism

Of the resume I adore you so

But your message CDL

Wicked evil as themselves

As I need as their red eyes

Like flamingo but not pink

I crocodile so vicious

So that’s green then you would think

DDC those pictures on

TV at which is often get to look

Like peas soup from the Netherlands

With bacon

And knows the beauty

As I can tell you anything

And  twill seem so surreal

Absurd bookshelves

Books on top Tom walls

In the neck of my hell

Is he the crazy thing that I wish to keep a secret

Is madness you are blind to see

The crazy thing I was to keep secret

Is a mad man I cannot be I look for

Words like futile inscrutable

Scrutinize revolutionize

And say but see what I tried to speak my heart

And make it sound so realistic

I do not tend 210 two words

That ring of so I DO list media

Psychology philosophical

Anthropology scientific

Philosophy artistic

Urology scarf that think with

Western Cherry New Year’s psychology

For the soft local

Anthropology scientific

Artistry make out with gravy

Do yo shows of Epstein Re:

Levi Strauss DVD DVD DVD

Hunter Thompson city land so fair

Rest Levi leave the 50 shades

Of gray Siri Frank from the

Literary Martinet

Hard to read Jonathan

Friends Reese Steven Pingree

Correction TU He TV

But the wicked witch

You need other channel

The wicked witch read of the books

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SIRI: Siri sexxy

Siri sexxy like six

with the lyrics like six in the movies

from Tarantino and the

rest of the movies

you can think of all the thoughts

in a different world on thought

you cannot fathom

parents into graspers

replaced therefore escaped

into the dreamworld

get them look

at the rhyme

all I want

Screamville I went

with Siri succeeds like six

used complex think movies

and like painful sexxy

is like 6060 in the dirt

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SIRI: What is the bird

What is the bird

What is the bird

Has only two

Thirds of the left

Foot claw whatever

You may call how

Come he likes to

Walk so much how

Come he doesn’t

Fly the time if

This bird has only

Two Thursa for

Paul or call whenever

You call when you

Seberg how come

He sits in the

Tree so happy

How come you doesn’t

Five all the time

How come he doesn’t

Care she Jarrand

Size some more it

Will give him more

Rest when he initially

Suggests than it

Originally suggests

Was only two

Thirds of o’clock

This bird or Paul

Is better on

524 seven

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SIRI: 175 songs [performed by Alex]


175 songs

I’m met you did sightly

That Kathy saw you so

Dearly he saw you thought

Of trees and realized

How he smokes like trees he

Smokes to like smoking the

Voice incomparable

The yours is the person

Unit at Café you

Well I remember one

Of us very well and

That’s when UEG in

The third person called me

His own name was afraid

Face you do is afraid

To recognize what is

Universal talent

In the asked you about

The absence yesterday

Very politely you

Remembered they met in

Prague a few years back broke

Into the house is fucked

Each other’s Sprouses and

Went into the world with

Anthology never

Before two of them they

Exactly the same as

Undeniably alike

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Note from Sasnak

Note from Sasnak [TRANSCRIPTION]


Remember the lights.

Last night can’t be replaced.

Be happy we’re still alive.

At least, I hope you are.

If there’s any hidden

Desires to finish the last

Of the OJ, be my guest.^

You know your comradeship [sic]

Is the best.

And M, remember the lights.

Your nicotine routine will

Be stuck in my pillows

Until we meet again.

Our conversations should

Resound in the *stars*


Remember the lights.

(^I’m never touching it again.)


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SIRI: Muse groupie

Muse groupie

Everything clear backstage

The music surrounds the music

That sounds as we listen to

These old action movie heroes

The drugs they took the girls bishop

Pregnancy they gathered all around

The groupies and the backstage gather

Around sceneries of metal poles

Black leather straps and sunglasses

That were Warren too many times

What does a bishop have to do

With this abortion is not a matter

Pro life promath her procreation

We keep on creating creatures

Of the devilish music this soundwaves

Inspire us to aim at making music

The groupies inspire us to aim at

Making groupies the drugs Rosetree

The music rules this is too much

In my head potato sacks sexy bombshells

Wearing blue tops bread tops pandemic

Got that pandemic

Apocalypse now apocalypse

Now we rocked the stage we

We rocked the stage we

Rocked the stage we

We rocked the stage

Ones I saying of blue eyes in the mood

Today I seen of decay on the stage

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SIRI: Betsy

I’m asking you

For that one drive shit

Love the streps bunny boots

Put is still on the floor

Of silk and spray with some loop

Need me down in this mess of

Liquid naming down real good

And imagine what I will do to you

Once I grab hold of your sweetie

Love handles my gun strapped

To my waist with 11 laces

Around the nipples and shoulders

Like a brace when I get

A hold of your love

And I cock my gun Betsy

To it that your mystery is

Unfolded on the streets

Asenath sadomasochism

White collars

Black ties green public sex

Or procreation is written

In the long run so violently

None so publicly announced

As politics if we wipe our arsons

With rotten tomatoes

And continue to love each other

Continue to hold on

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