SIRI: 175 songs [performed by Alex]


175 songs

I’m met you did sightly

That Kathy saw you so

Dearly he saw you thought

Of trees and realized

How he smokes like trees he

Smokes to like smoking the

Voice incomparable

The yours is the person

Unit at Café you

Well I remember one

Of us very well and

That’s when UEG in

The third person called me

His own name was afraid

Face you do is afraid

To recognize what is

Universal talent

In the asked you about

The absence yesterday

Very politely you

Remembered they met in

Prague a few years back broke

Into the house is fucked

Each other’s Sprouses and

Went into the world with

Anthology never

Before two of them they

Exactly the same as

Undeniably alike

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SIRI: Lesson lean [performed by Alex]


Lesson lean

He licks and licks that

He wants to lick wants

To make sure nothing

Is missed he wants to

Make sure that is frying

Brains phrase on the side

Of the white walk and

Lights up in the day

Gets about the fact

That women always

Loves me and I’m children

Play UNIX and UNIX

And you wants to make

Sure that nothing is

Missed and all that follows

You puts it easy

For the tobacco

On the floor with dust

And sand finds a piece

Of paper money

At hand Roseville together


And everything that

He misses he rose

Together with sand

And tobacco hundred

Bit the holes in the

Wall are creeping up

On him they become

Bigger Midview into

The distance smaller

He thought he would see

Like there is darkness

Outside the colorful

Elephants the cocky

Peacocks were there or

Any feathers blue and

Green gray where it doesn’t

Matter eyes where it

Does they laugh at him

And they say hello

They smiled at him and

Then say welcome to

Your home would you like

To be outside then

Undo would you just

Did don’t be playing

No more games during

The world champion ship…

He licks any links

Them in he does Oyleta

Time reminds him of

The night he shared with

Us Witzel oil baby mother

Is lick city he

Forgets about the

Holes in the wall he

Wants to make sure that

Nothing is missed the

Bag has been corn turned

Outward and been done

He is Demnicki

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