SIRI: Running errands

running errands








You racing like a moth rocker

In the Desert sand

Your mind is racing

And sell them up close

Look in all over the floor

To the side cactuses

But send him yes hand

In Mountain View does

This really was to be alcoholic free trip

To Las Vegas

Monterey San Francisco Bay

Chasing geniuses

Looking for adventure in the trips

Of droppings in New York

Was out of sight stuck

To the beach and shoulders offense

Santa Monica pier obturated

Schoolbags gingerbread beer

Hotel California

Sunglasses from Vegas

You sing you sent all

You ain’t shit with comparison

To this Ben & Jerry’s classes

From the video store

After a butt load of ice cream

California wars

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Note from Sasnak

Note from Sasnak [TRANSCRIPTION]


Remember the lights.

Last night can’t be replaced.

Be happy we’re still alive.

At least, I hope you are.

If there’s any hidden

Desires to finish the last

Of the OJ, be my guest.^

You know your comradeship [sic]

Is the best.

And M, remember the lights.

Your nicotine routine will

Be stuck in my pillows

Until we meet again.

Our conversations should

Resound in the *stars*


Remember the lights.

(^I’m never touching it again.)


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