SIRI: Sorry wicked witch

Sorry of that wicked witch

It cannot be told until

The story of the shoe is unfolded

To the fan the tornado

Blast if it gets about its wicked past

You see the dogs and hogs

That were out for truffles

Now creeping back

To the earth of those in control

Of magic mysticism

Of the resume I adore you so

But your message CDL

Wicked evil as themselves

As I need as their red eyes

Like flamingo but not pink

I crocodile so vicious

So that’s green then you would think

DDC those pictures on

TV at which is often get to look

Like peas soup from the Netherlands

With bacon

And knows the beauty

As I can tell you anything

And  twill seem so surreal

Absurd bookshelves

Books on top Tom walls

In the neck of my hell

Is he the crazy thing that I wish to keep a secret

Is madness you are blind to see

The crazy thing I was to keep secret

Is a mad man I cannot be I look for

Words like futile inscrutable

Scrutinize revolutionize

And say but see what I tried to speak my heart

And make it sound so realistic

I do not tend 210 two words

That ring of so I DO list media

Psychology philosophical

Anthropology scientific

Philosophy artistic

Urology scarf that think with

Western Cherry New Year’s psychology

For the soft local

Anthropology scientific

Artistry make out with gravy

Do yo shows of Epstein Re:

Levi Strauss DVD DVD DVD

Hunter Thompson city land so fair

Rest Levi leave the 50 shades

Of gray Siri Frank from the

Literary Martinet

Hard to read Jonathan

Friends Reese Steven Pingree

Correction TU He TV

But the wicked witch

You need other channel

The wicked witch read of the books

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