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SIRI: Running errands

running errands








You racing like a moth rocker

In the Desert sand

Your mind is racing

And sell them up close

Look in all over the floor

To the side cactuses

But send him yes hand

In Mountain View does

This really was to be alcoholic free trip

To Las Vegas

Monterey San Francisco Bay

Chasing geniuses

Looking for adventure in the trips

Of droppings in New York

Was out of sight stuck

To the beach and shoulders offense

Santa Monica pier obturated

Schoolbags gingerbread beer

Hotel California

Sunglasses from Vegas

You sing you sent all

You ain’t shit with comparison

To this Ben & Jerry’s classes

From the video store

After a butt load of ice cream

California wars

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SIRI: Flying dog 25

Son steps on the bag

Green grass is green

Right behind the biggest

And he’s ever seen

As mine waste left hand on that side

Right to the right

Time is a waste

Doesn’t Millhous those rules

And we know that you do

Those boundaries

Doesn’t know Skeens

Doesn’t know

The Manhattan elbows space

Doesn’t know when to stop

Doesn’t hear her whistleblower

He just being stupid bees

Mean I can practice before the show

This ain’t the movies

This is not the theater

This is real life baby

This plastic on your teeth

This is where you kill

People if you don’t know

When is what this is

When you get killed

If you don’t know what is with

This is retake a man

On chimneys crèches chest

With your helmet

Don’t even think please

Don’t hear the whistle blow

Don’t hear the man scream

Cause that’s what you be doing

Speak and then to explain

Thumping this of adrenaline

Me motherfucker I don’t bound

Eel skin true grit as hell

And his limits he has found

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