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SIRI: Polymer periodical

Hi to gasoline

Mean machine cripple

Asked me trickle

Acid town sad face


Tomorrow sound and towels back

Tires squealing screeching

Sitting there by the asphalt

Communicating directly

With the

For the road you know

That hotel shooting by

The time just talked

To say goodbye

Old loved ones

Old tires

Behind the shed

These ladies salvage

Neuhardt a burn

These ladies

I’ll talk to the asphalt

But romances pass and

We’ve got to race by

Got a man above our heads

One with a gun

In the same night ahead

Mission got to be accomplished

Talk to you later Dennis C

Got a love you like old times

Got erased with you

No goals and omissions

To be accomplished

Just Saturday night

11 And pancakes

On a Sunday

Who do you tire of


Wait at the motel

Wait until I return

Until I have accomplished this essay

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beer boat man

this here is a beer boat man

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