SIRI: Betsy

I’m asking you

For that one drive shit

Love the streps bunny boots

Put is still on the floor

Of silk and spray with some loop

Need me down in this mess of

Liquid naming down real good

And imagine what I will do to you

Once I grab hold of your sweetie

Love handles my gun strapped

To my waist with 11 laces

Around the nipples and shoulders

Like a brace when I get

A hold of your love

And I cock my gun Betsy

To it that your mystery is

Unfolded on the streets

Asenath sadomasochism

White collars

Black ties green public sex

Or procreation is written

In the long run so violently

None so publicly announced

As politics if we wipe our arsons

With rotten tomatoes

And continue to love each other

Continue to hold on

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Syke siri III



The footsteps like

A ballerina’s

The biggest man

On earth better

Know how to move

Around quick

Stuttering is not

The right way to go

At this point

Cracks keep getting


And the most agile

Men among us

Hold their ground

Although it changes

Every 32 seconds

Or so

The giants claim

Their spaces but

Nature has other


The small, weak and

Big-boned kids

Make friends with

Giants and die in

Their arms in the end

The Molochs tolerate

The parasites for

Their permanent survival

Eating a fatty off

The shoulder now and then

While fending off

A rival

Giants jump around

And fight and lose

And miss and try

And die

Run into other towers

Filled with bloodsucking

Leaches guarding


Grounds. And they try

And die. Or sometimes

Hold their soon-to-be-

Divided grounds

In the peaceful back-

Ground. Meanwhile

The agile ones

Jump from neuron

To neuron

Surviving on a stick

Which they can make

Music in the nature with

But Nature has other


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SIRI: Rock silly

Rack to silk

From caterpillars

About to cuckoo

Listed a bronze

Be two movies

Into one gold and light green

By sending messages

Across to walk

From my Fritts

For my feet

Just took 4 inch by inch

Like a zombie cast

Was a spell

But there was no need

For me to be enchanted

By magic

Is right there

Love you ran across the beach

Like clouds to my feet

For the first I thought

I have to

To my princess

That gold kept

But once I arrived

She was gone

Me Anaparno

Of my Lottawatta

In which my sweet princess

Had stood

But 3 inches of my bloodshed

With bloodsuckers and 54 scars

Around the chest

Once again I fata morgana

Admit me to believe

That me to think I was saying

The idea alone a meeting

Saturday in and this one

Should have crack me

Where I exist

Love has died out

And beauty and blessed shapes and such

Are as critical as the still

Rutson feet I walk on

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SIRI: Back stroke

I slip into the back of your mind

I look for the neurons and electron to turn

Find there sleeping

I look at them briefly and then pick them up

Startup start playing around

Start discovering the girl about

Got some red ones blue ones yellow

Ones wind suits recolors

And one Lake fair

Actually shape reminds me to

Hard to give direction to these electrical instruments

But let’s give it a shot

I take out my feathers

The smallest biggest whips I can find

And take seriousness off your mind

Like a clown I

Jump around inside your brain and

Tell you to from touching me you will not

Refrain dear your arm electrons

In the direction of Milind

Tell you the things you did before

In the past that we shared together

Hot steamy asked romantic

As the agents explicit and graphic

Like ancient times and graphic novels

The violence will come later

For now let’s make it

Because I can present

In a farm not far from here with the babies

Are ISW into 77

Goodbye the back of your mind

And under you from my firm grasp

These numbers don’t seem

To make any sense at first sight

But what about the sprung

Are you back last week

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SIRI: Kerouac krishna

He was waving

At them crying

Like a wolf

In the month

But he was just a man

A lot of hair

No razors

But still

Just a note

Giant things

Just giant pen

That she had

Decided to drop

Two side years back

When he decided

To move to

This mountain

Where they

The ones he was screaming

Where crying

Were passing

Through on their way

To San Francisco

They knew about

His Big Sur and

They knew that

They could

Still they did not

And he kept on

Crying asking for

Taste of loveliness

They had hidden

Away in the hood

On the roof

Of the hood

Of the car

Just get out of here

 Get out the car

Don’t worry

About those

Last two hours

Don’t worry

About the police

Just worry about me

Just think

About where

I have been

For the past 40 years

Just think of all

The things I missed

Because I blessed

You with the books

I wrote

But they couldn’t

Hear no matter

How loud he screamed

The matter how badly

He wailed check

Was forgotten

In Big Sur

The judges

The fears

That paranoia

For the United

States justice system

I called underneath

Their tiny clothes

And yet Gedick


Made them more

Aware of their civic ties

To their families

To their friends

To their phones

So they decided

To jump back

In keep on driving

Until the car was

Safely parked

Until they could hide

In a mobile home

And talk about flowers


As the philosophies

To our world

Getting Jack

For getting

The most beautiful

Sharon thanks

For getting that

They will decide

To take the five

Instead of the

101 back down

To angel town

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SIRI: Assafassell

Sperm fluid sex

Sperm fluid sex

Love spring fluid

Sex love sperm

Fluid sex sperm

Fluid sex love

Spenceville at six

Love Springfield sex

Love sperm fluid

Six Springfield six

Sperm fluid sex

From fluid sex

Sprint fluid sex

Sperm fluid cyclo


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